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Choose artificial pendant sets for summer

Summer is here. With the changing season, we change our dressing and jewellery preferences as well. White summer dresses mostly include cotton and linen, summer ornament has to be something light. During this time there is always a trend to buy Artificial Pedants Sets Online as jewellery. Here’s why artificial pendant sets are so popular […]
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Necklaces For Different Wedding Functions

For Mehendi/ Sangeet Ceremony: Mehendi or Sangeet ceremony is nothing new these days. Almost every community has this special celebration. Some people organize both events together or organize at least one of them for fun and festivities. If you have such an event lined up, then you can choose a colorful Meena pendant set. The ornate […]
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Matching Your Hairstyle with Your Earrings –

If you have a pixie cut or short bob, then you can wear different styles of earrings depending on the occasion. For a casual, regular look go in for studs. However, if you wish to add a bit of drama to your look then go in for danglers. Danglers are great for this kind of […]
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Choosing The Perfect Necklace Set For Wedding Festivities

Summer season is here and it is a huge challenge to decide the type of we should wear for a summer wedding.
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Taking Care Of Imitation Jewellery

The first rule for any imitation ornament is that you should keep it as far possible from direct moisture. contact.
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Rules To Follow While Selecting Your Office Jewellery

One of the greatest challenges we face every day is selecting jewelry for ourselves for office wear.
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